Regardless of how Covid-19’s effect continued on the Malayalam film industry in 2021, It has been one of its best years. Because of the OTT releases Malayalam movies got their deserved audiences outside Kerala, getting recognition from all over India. Here are my Top 5 Malayalam Movies of 2021.

1. Kuruthi (2021)

Top 5 Malayalam Movie of 2021 - Kuruthi

Kuruthi directed by Manu Warrier got some mixed reviews from the critics. But still, it’s my favourite movie of 2021. Prithviraj’s negative role is one of the highlights in Kuruthi. Roshan Mathew, Srinda and Mamukkoya played other important roles. The story beautifully brings out the different shades of religious fundamentalism and how it affects relationships, narrated in a different way. The dialogues, especially Mamukkoya’s were the best. Highly recommended to watch Kuruthi on Amazon Prime.

2. Thinkalazhcha Nishchayam (2021)

Thinkalazhcha Nishchayam is a comedy-drama movie directed by Senna Hedge got a decent response from the critics. The entire film happens in and around an engagement ceremony, where the bride is having another affair and her father is in a financial crisis. Almost all characters in the movie are played by debut actors. Despite all actors being debutants still, they have performed really well. For an entertaining 2 hours, I recommend watching this movie on Sony Liv

3. The Great Indian Kitchen (2021)

I’m sure that The Great Indian Kitchen directed by Jeo Baby has by now become the favourite Malayalam movie of 2021 of many across India. National award winner Suraj and Nimisha played the lead roles in the movie. A newly wedded woman struggles to integrate herself within the highly patriarchal family. Finally, she starts feeling that this is not the life she wants and she moves out. For the husband, nothing changes. He gets re-married, and for the new bride, the cycle just repeats. Repeated dirty table and kitchen cleaning scenes were the best parts of the movie. Watch this well-crafted movie on Amazon Prime.

4. Home (2021)

Home directed by Rojin Thomas is one of the best feel-good Malayalam movies released in 2021. National award winner Indrans plays the lead role in Home. The story revolves around a technologically challenged father and his tech-savvy sons. Apart from Indrans, Manju Pilla, Sreenath Bhasi and Naslen played the major roles. All actors played their roles beautifully in Home. The only downside I felt was the climax, It was clearly predictable and resembled Sreenivasan’s Katha Patrayumbol (2007). Watch this beautiful light-hearted movie on Amazon Prime.

5. Kala (2021)

Top 5 Malayalam Movie of 2021 - Kala

Kala is a well-crafted psychological action movie directed by Rohith VS. Tovino Thomas and Sumesh Moor played the lead roles. After Prithvi’s negative role in Kuruthi, this is my second favourite negative role in 2021, from Tovino. The movie is violent and graphic. Please don’t try to watch it with children. Both Tovino and Sumesh did a great job with their characters on screen. The visuals and action choreography were top notch. Watch this action pack movie on Amazon Prime.

Honor Roll

Apart from the above top 5 Malayalam movies of 2021, I would highly recommend watching the following

  1. Operation Java – On Zee5
  2. Kaane Kaane – On Sony Liv
  3. Saaras – On Amazon Prime
  4. Thirike – On Nee Stream
  5. Vellam – On Sun Nxt
  6. Nayattu – On Netflix
  7. Malik – On Netflix
  8. Drishyam 2- On Amazon Prime
  9. Arkariyam – On Amazon Prime
  10. Love – On Netflix

||Top 5 Malayalam Movie of 2021 ||

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